Plots have I laid, inductions dangerous, By drunken prophecies, libels and dreams,– Richard iii


First day is upon us. On 6/20/13 @

First day is upon us. On 6/20/13 @ 22:04 pdt, The sun reaches its highest excursion relative to the celestial equator. From now until December the nights lengthen.

In winter we retrospect and plan, in spring we grow, in summer we tend, in fall we harvest.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the season of responsibility & maintenance. It is the day to celebrate acceptance. A day I meditate on commitment, discipline, strength and focus. Winter comes.    

  • insult

  • code

  • cough medicine

  • olympics

  • general


Ju didn’t realize it was an insult

Ben wondered who had come up with the code.

The bottle of cough medicine was empty.

The L.A. Olympics in 1984 had been the turning point in the negotiations.

The general rule of conduct do not apply.

When he was confused his eyebrows pinched together creating a crease that matched the cleft in his chin, and even though he was still looking at you, he lost focus, and maybe that was why he didn’t realize that it was an insult.

Everywhere codes, zip codes, area codes, De Vinci codes, codes of conduct, but Ben wondered whose sick mind had come up with the hair code.

The hacking cough filled the lightless house, she didn’t want to wake up her mother, yes the cough medicine was gone, but she didn’t want the drama, the hand wringing, the I should of, the I can go; she wanted to be left alone in the comfort of her misery.

As he look out the 12th story window, toward the San Gabriel’s, at the smog blanketing Azusa, he thought of 1984 Olympic planning meeting.

The unofficial Saturday night market, sideshow and outlaw rodeo was a place where the general rules of conduct did not apply, but the norms of behavior were strictly enforced.


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