Plots have I laid, inductions dangerous, By drunken prophecies, libels and dreams,– Richard iii

5 for today

  1. My father’s philosophy came from The Godfather; “never tell anyone what you’re thinking” and “take everything personally” were the big two, so when Uncle Angel told me that the Parrish priest was coming to dinner, I answered respectfully and scratched a big fat hash next to Angel’s name in the ledger.

  2. In Ellie’s family, this particularly unruly Northern Spy orchard outside of Hillsboro was apex of pie fruit, so when her Aunt Elsie called to tell her the apples were in and that there were a couple of bushels waiting and maybe even a pie, we left early, like getting up for work early.

  3. When I invited Jill to dinner, I had no idea, (like she would ever believe that,) that Sally had an agenda, so when the question was thrown down during the main course, and Jill moved her napkin to her mouth, the Clan Menzies might as well as blown the Great Highland Bagpipes.

  4. They slipped out from their desks and met at a bench tucked away in the landscaping overlooking the executive parking lot for a picnic, and it wouldn’t have been topic of conversation, except that the rain was coming down in Mylar sheets.

  5. The jasmine wound itself through the trellis like a charmed snake.


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