Plots have I laid, inductions dangerous, By drunken prophecies, libels and dreams,– Richard iii

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The airship arrived from Tokyo forty-five minutes late

She swung her knee into Elizabeth’s crotch.

The evening air was thick with jasmine

Her knee peaked out from the hem of the dress.

The tablecloth hadn’t been changed in days.

Ju sat on the purple couch, coffee in hand, cell phone at the ready, watching travelers move through the baggage claim area, waiting for the airship, already forty-five minutes late from Tokyo.

A crowd had gather in the hall, as Susan screamed at her with, spit flying, arms waving, rage, and Elizabeth didn’t see a graceful, or peaceful way out of this mess.

So she took a deep breath from her diaphragm, held it, two, three, four, focused on a spot over Susan’s shoulder for just a moment and then swung her knee from her hip, pulling it to her chest, right through the opponent’s crotch.

Alysan had planted jasmine along the fence, nice touch that, and its scent filled the evening air as Ju listened to his daughter’s tale of “the fight”, and, yes, she was right, she did have the right to protect herself when she felt threatened and it wasn’t a fight, it was self-defense, and you can’t punish someone for defending themselves and it wasn’t excessive, just one kick, and she wasn’t some damsel that had to wait to be rescued, fuck that, oops, sorry daddy.

He hated it when he had to cede control, and she had him in an awkward position, her ground, her questions and that god damned knee peeking out from the hem of her dress.

The tablecloth hadn’t been change in couple of day, not even shaken out probably, toast crumbs, “don’t focus on the toast crumbs;” well, the positive, it was almost over, time to cut his losses and move on down the road.