Plots have I laid, inductions dangerous, By drunken prophecies, libels and dreams,– Richard iii

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From Hemingway and Gellhorn:

I know there are two people in me, but the least strong the least demanding, is the one that attaches itself to another human being…Since I was a child people have wanted to possess me. And because our life is so badly managed, I turn upon you, with resentment and bitterness, because you bring it neither order nor tranquility, because you do not make the best of it, either materially or morally, because your discontent is ever present, like a restless dog wandering through the room.

Today’s sentences

Above the fray of techs, in the harsh laboratory light, Ju, in a lab coat and comfortable shoes, paced the catwalk talking with Ben about the gruesome remains being examined on the floor.

He admitted that it was pretty trite but how else to describe the laughter next door other than maniacal.

Ju examined the silver, some tarnished and ancient, some shiny and new that his son poured from a brown paper bag onto the dining room table.

Through the silver sage and coyote brush the madrone, peeling bark revealing the lean muscled trunk, rose.

If he had…if he had been stronger, smarter, something, she wouldn’t be propped up against the boulder, ants floating across her bloodless face.