Plots have I laid, inductions dangerous, By drunken prophecies, libels and dreams,– Richard iii

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Sonic Boom Six:

I was working on something else listening to Last FM (Tag: Ska Punk), when this band popped up and caught my attention. I’ve

Formed in Manchester, England in 20

02, Sonic Boom Six represent the most compelling

Image representing as depicted in Crun...

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soundclash to rise from the undergrounding years. Few bands can so smoothly mix dancefloor-savvy elements of reggae, jungle & ska with the rigorous commentary of hip-hop whilst retaining enough grit and aggression to be an active fixture of the UK’s punk scene. Only Sonic Boom Six are propelled by the melodious rapping of Laila K who is one of the most incendiary vocalists to ever bounce around a moshpit of Mohawks. A true product of their environment – the sound of a thousand city-centre clubnights and student party mash-ups invigorate the righteous fury of distorted guitars and dubby grooves – SB6 create a sound as authentic as it is unique. Looking as at home on a festival stage as they are playing at a warehouse party, the band are retaining their grassroots ideation and positive, unifying message as their music steadily permeates a wider international audience. Check out ‘Sound of a Revolution’ for the Boom in an instant – fluid grime vocals laid over a bass-heavy skank, detonated with a blast of punk-rock.

The group, completed by Ben C (guitar and vocals), Barney Boom (bass and vocals) and Neil ‘Madfish’ McMinn (drums and samples) recorded their newest release in Liverpool with current UK punk wúnderkind Peter Miles (Captain Everything!, The King Blues, Howard’s Alias). Arcade Perfect drops on November 12th, 2007 on the band’s own label imprint, Rebel Alliance (distributed by Code 7). Speaking on the new material Laila comments “it’s been the first time we’ve felt like the record speaks for itself whereas in the past our records have kind of been an extension to the live show.” Ben continues “We’ve spent so much time playing to fresh crowds in across Europe – where they genuinely know nothing about you and you have to entertain non-stop for an hour and a half or more – that our writing was influenced by that vibe. We wanted to keep the inventiveness of our older stuff for the current fans whilst also being able to make a room full of kids in a squat dance their arses off when they hear these songs for the first time.”

The Rest of the story….


Look Out There, Got the Mad Man Blues, Yes I know

“I gonna take you down by the riverside”

One of my favorite John Lee Hooker songs, I can only find this one recording from a early album. What it lacks in fidelity it makes up in passion.

Photo of the Day

The Peacocks

Gimme More

More Information on the band:

Love (almost: maybe)

she sings SONGS of nitro, goodbye, drunken lullabies; she falls into Q’s loose lies. Drunken lullabies,
pornographic sanctified:

Q pulls the razor, whet and fine down the valley of her spine, blood blossoms, white, red and pink.
Q’s thoughts are private, far away, Iron flavored, she rolls away.

Lissie, Bully

David Lynch likes Lissie too. I bet they could write a bad romance.

Batmobile: Cold Sweat

Cold Sweat

In 1983, childhood friends and schoolmates Jeroen Haamers (guitar) and Johnny Zuidhof (drums) formed the Dutch rockabilly band Batmobile
Recruiting Jeroen’s brother Eric, the band began playing local venues, covering the likes of Elvis, Johnny Burnette and Gene Vincent. After a few years, the group decided to start writing their own material. Their songs were heavely inspired by the rockabilly past but infused with a restless and manic energy. This sound, combined with their purportedly wild live shows, attracted people from the psychobilly scene towards the band.