Plots have I laid, inductions dangerous, By drunken prophecies, libels and dreams,– Richard iii

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Beauty in the Abandoned

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Thank You Alice


From the Economist

How much bluefin tuna should be caught in the Atlantic?

I really like the car, sauvez moi!!

Art and Isadora

Art and Isadora –John Dos Passos “The Big Money”

Isadora was at the height of glory and scandal and power and wealth, her school going, her millionaire was about to build her a theater in Paris, the Duncans were the priests of a cult, (Art was whatever isadora did),when the car that was bringing her two children home from the other side of Paris stalled on a bridge across the Seine. Forgetting that he’d left the car in gear the chauffeur got out to crank the motor. The car started, knocked down the chauffeur, plunged off the bridge into the Seine. The children and their nurse were drowned.
The rest of her life moved desperately on