Plots have I laid, inductions dangerous, By drunken prophecies, libels and dreams,– Richard iii

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In a fisherman’s attitude

The man was apparently fishing; or at least was fixed in a fisherman’s attitude with more than a fisherman’s immobility. March was able to examine the man almost as if he had been a statue for some minutes before the statue spoke. He was a tall, fair man, cadaverous, and a little lackadaisical, with heavy eyelids and a highbridged nose. When his face was shaded with his wide white hat, his light mustache and lithe figure gave him a look of youth. But the Panama lay on the moss beside him; and the spectator could see that his brow was prematurely bald; and this, combined with a certain hollowness about the eyes, had an air of headwork and even headache. But the most curious thing about him, realized after a short scrutiny, was that, though he looked like a fisherman, he was not fishing.

Gilbert Keith Chesterton » The Man Who Knew Too Much » Chapter 1


In time of silver rain

Langston Hughes

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In time of silver rain

The earth puts forth new life again,

Green grasses grow

And flowers lift their heads,

And over all the plain

The wonder spreads

Of Life,

Of Life,

Of life!

In time of silver rain

The butterflies lift silken wings

To catch a rainbow cry,

And trees put forth new leaves to sing

In joy beneath the sky

As down the roadway

Passing boys and girls

Go singing, too,

In time of silver rain When spring

And life

Are new.

Langston Hughes

Pleasantly surprised, excellent favor a little on the hoppy side just like I like. As you would guess good afternoon beach beer. Woot

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

–Benjamin Franklin

Art and Isadora

Art and Isadora –John Dos Passos “The Big Money”

Isadora was at the height of glory and scandal and power and wealth, her school going, her millionaire was about to build her a theater in Paris, the Duncans were the priests of a cult, (Art was whatever isadora did),when the car that was bringing her two children home from the other side of Paris stalled on a bridge across the Seine. Forgetting that he’d left the car in gear the chauffeur got out to crank the motor. The car started, knocked down the chauffeur, plunged off the bridge into the Seine. The children and their nurse were drowned.
The rest of her life moved desperately on

Lagunitas Imperial Stout

Favorite Beer that I can find

Lagunitas Imperial Stout